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Kitaro Concert live at Genting Highland 2007 : 喜多郎

After a meal and some shooting progress we went to the stage waiting for the concert start. Is lucky that we bought the ticket early orelse we can’t get a good place to sit. As you see the picture below the place was fully sit.


OK lets talk a little about Kitaro, his original name was called Masanori Takahashi (高橋正則) and born in year of 1953. He can play with many music instruments and a composer. Kitaro is very modest. “Nature inspires me. I am only a messenger”, he has said. “To me, some songs are like clouds, some are like water”.

I start to addict to his music at high school period, New Age really roxks okie.I am not going to said anything now so let the picture explain.










Okay!! my post end up here and enjoy ur weekends.

Lee Hom Live Concert at Sungei Wang 4th floor

Oh sorry everybody since!!! I have been busy for this few days so I might upload not so frequently by this short period. I promise will update daily after I finish my main stuff 1st. This Lee Hom Live Concert was located at Sungei wang 4th floor. He was born in Rochester, New York on May 17, 1976. Ops, it was outdated post since this event have occured 2 weeks ago.

Lee Hom have arrive at Sungei Wang KL to meet the fans, Me, Hung Wei, Princess Eileen, Ahkwong, Anston and Myin reach there early. Before the show start we have a short photograph session. Besides, I was lucky to meet my classmate Ah mok and his wife watching the Lee Hom Concert with us.

The host speaking and the game session with the fans.

Lee Hom on the stage. The crowd scream!!!

He sang his new released song.

Close up shot for Lee Hom.

Too bad this time he only sing a few songs. I didn’t take part for quening the autography session coz have to wait for so long…ok my post stop here. More stuff coming soon.