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Finally Updated my blog : Late Birthday wishes for Anna and Daphene

Oh ya!!! Is been almost a weeks didn’t updates for my blog. Sorry for all the readers coz I have been busy on my works and outings for this short period. This was my fourth design for my new theme and somehow I still doing some editing behind this theme and not fully complete yet. The CSS and html coding was making me crazy as I am not so familiar with web designs.

My previous theme on the blog.


Now the new one. Hope you all like it and I purposely choose to have a bigger content to place my pictures.


More events picture will coming soon. Anyhow last week I have attend a shouter gathering at Midvalley’s chilli Restaurant and the same time we celebrate Birthday party for Anna and Daphene. By the way I have join the ShoutOut.

Curi Picture dari Hungwei site.