Sungei Wang: Spring Summer Fashion Showcase 2007 (leng lui!!!)

Last Monday I went to Lot 10 to paid my credit card loan by 7 pm of the evening. When I were walking back to Sungei Wang I heard a loud music from the center then I try to walk over there to find out what so hot. Then I found it out that was a fashion show that provided by the nail express

Spring Summer Fashion Showcase 2007
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Omg…!!! I touch my bag see whether got bring along my camera or not. Yes I have brought it and I quickly took it out and snap as much as I can at the same time I can sharpen my shooting skill.
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Lucky It was just started so I got a shoot on the sign board there. This fashion show was more about finger art and body painting design. Sorry ah coz I dunno the “words” for gals cosmetic stuff and make up.
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Here come the beautiful models!!! O.O
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These were the close up shot I take during the painting section with the makeup artist.
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more close up
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The body art after the makeup artist heve do the final touch up.
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They even paint on legs
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This shots was the most difficult shot of all coz I have shot for more then 10 pics only ont pic not blur. It was about the fingernails art.
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Weee… this was expansive stuff. I heard my female friends said that almost charges RM 200 for setup the finger nails art each time. What I know the famous artist or singer who bring up this design was Hamasaki Ayumi and Jolin.

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14 thoughts on “Sungei Wang: Spring Summer Fashion Showcase 2007 (leng lui!!!)

  1. fattien

    Nicktay: yoz…..thkz for dropping by and you compliments

    Lilian: hahaha…..sorry this is my personal blog not hamsap blog :). thkz for comments

  2. gianne

    My aunt used to spend rm10 for ONE fingernail. So u can agak-agak the price la.

    Oh and nice pictures btw! I wish I have a camera good enough so I can snap street fashion to post up online…

  3. fattien

    Ah kwong: Sure canlah bring me ur pendrive dude.

    Rabbit: hahaha. thkz ^_^V

    Aceone118: Scare u hidung bleeding…lolz

    KY: Hey, thkz for dropping by and ur comments. I like ur food blog, it roxx!!!!! em….. yah only few of them beautiful but the body shape nice mah.

    Gianne: Yah, photographing is a good stuff for me. If u felt to expansive to but one then try it on installment and get a DSLR.

    Anston: yalloh my cam wet already.

    Neo: Yoz!!!! thnkz zoom zoom and close op…lolz

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