Sungei Wang Fashion Showcase 2007: By Donna Butterfly Lester Wong

After doing the photo section for Mo Siang Online Event and it seems to have only little time rushing to Sungei Wang Fashion Showcase. Time was so tide and I just manage to get few images only but lucky the show not end yet. Crowd of people blocking the way, I try to take photo on the stair case there but the security not allow us to standing there as we will blocking the way for other ppls. Without any choices I have to went down to the crowd of packing sardine there.
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Is was difficult to get the image coz many people blocking infront of me so I use to flip the LCD screen and raise my hand just snap whatever I can. This time the models were really outstanding compare to the “nail express”. So just enjoy the pics below!!

Donna Butterfly Lester Wong Fashion Design
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Ahkwong was damn no luck for this photo section as his SLR battery running out already….wakakakakaka. You better charge enough battery for next time!!!!!

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11 thoughts on “Sungei Wang Fashion Showcase 2007: By Donna Butterfly Lester Wong

  1. gianne

    wtf…. why the rest of my comment didn’t come up, orz….. what i wrote:

    “dam u cibai!!!”


    Okay, back to topic, oh gosh, I love some of the pieces here!! Liking the white dress and red corset… and the last one too!! okay that’s a bit ah lian… but it’s fun, so yea….

    Considering it’s from an arm’s length, you did a pretty good job taking them photos!

  2. fattien

    Ahkwong: kakakakakak, remember to charge full battery next time!!!

    Jelson: Sad of me… means I have do more hardwork on improving my photography.

    Jason: yoz Aligator Kosaimaz!!!!! thkz for supporting FZ series!!!!

    Gianne: lolz I tot u want to screw me…. damn shockes saw you wrote that word “dam u cibai”. Taking photo for the custom, fashion and models were quite a difficult job coz they will not just stand still there. And I have to count on the timing and preparing to snap. Anyhow thkz for your compliment ^_^V.

  3. smileuo

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  4. tyncaccok

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  5. KK

    Dear Lester Wong,

    You still got the bright future in Fashion field. You are best of the best, 加油。。。 加油。。。 You look cute and innocent in your personal profile, like fresh graduate.

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