Small Gathering at Red Box KTV

I have been forcing myself to blog something this short period. This post actually happen long time ago that I almost forget already. These gathering was organize by Snaky, all of them was my society mates during 8 years ago. By the way, most of them just came back from overseas..lolz seems like I have been entering to another age level. I got a feeling to end up blogging path since that I can’t take up any mood to blogging anymore. Anyhow, don’t worry ya and I will keep writing my blog but not as often anymore due to my site hosting still have a long period to end. Or Maybe I will start active when I get my new job..Oh yeah I am still seeking it.:P

Come back to the title. I got a lot Chit-chat with my old mates and I found a lot of changes in between them. Most of our topic was talking about future stuff and travelling. Although I know how my future and career is but I am still get stuck a bit. I found myself get influence by them base on their thinking and life routine. From there, I get a bit retard for Malaysian working style but it did happen as I heard a lot of complaint from my friend whom came back from Canada and Taiwan.




End of post.

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