Small celebrating at Ahkwong house : Mooncake festival

I skip the part 2 for Pavilion fashion show coz I want to post this short entry, dun worry about the part 2 of fashion as I will post it tonite. Yesterday I get a called from ahkwong by informing me that there will be a small celebration at his house. So I sure don’t miss it coz I have been long time no celebrating this kind of stuff things jor since so many years.

Before that I must have a meal with my family 1st. My mom have prepare supreme dinner for us…..yummy but I didn’t take any photos for the food..sorry yar.

We reach to ahkwong house by 9 pm. Thankz for his family that prepare us some snacks and bavarages.


Camwhoring here at ahkwong House. ahkwong (left), Lynn and myin, haiz Anston came late again.


We didn’t play candle for so long time already….. thankz for Lynn providing the candle. But the candles is use for…..aikz….lolz


Spot the big moon there from the angle of Astro receiver…… It was kinda nice yesterday. So we all prepare to snap moon pics. tripod and guns were prepare to shoot the moon.


close up to the moon. Hope it was no late to said Happy Mooncake festival to all the readers, friends, family, sesiapa…… My post end up here.
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