Silence please, Down stair(Dog barking)!!

This was starter on last month 12th if not mistaken, a noise that so anoying that have been making us hard to sleep for almost a month. Especially my parents rooms affected the most.
My parents will usually come to my room and knock on my door complain about that stupid dog barking none stop every night. As we know, no pet dogs are allow to the apartment.

If they dare to own the dog I think they should keep the dog inside thier apartment rather than outside as it was so noisy. I just can’t stand it (with anger) so I went down and knock to thier door.

When the door opened, a chinese girl came out(carrying the dog but still was a puppy form). Omg!!!! the puppy was so kawaii and it totally had make my fire gone(no wonders gals will die for pupies). She said the dog will return to its owner soon as she was just temporary help her cousin to care this puppy. Beside, I am not only the people that had come to complain but hopefully she will return his puppy as soon.

I found this video, the puppy was nearly look like the video below.

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