Resolutions for year 2007

I suppose to upload this ealier but I almost forget already I hope it was not too late. Em……about my resolution this year..actually I dun know how should I write this post but still force myself to write a bit coz I really need to set some target for this year…huh.

I have been dreaming and sleeping for 24 years though and never think further. I saw some of my friends having thier burning desire for making money and yet some planning to merry, some
have setup thier own company own business and some further thier study. Sucess just in short term but actually you can’t see through the behind of the sucess of other people. About me…..yeah I have think a lot but I am very lasy, I archive some failure by last year and yet I am still working as a normal designer in a company.

Nowadays, I really don’t like to words out what I want to be and what I expect for myself…..bla bla a lot of demanding. The top reason was:

  • People around you will felt pleasure and might talk less to you.
  • What if u fail to do so, for other people maybe nothing but for me I fell paisehlah.
  • But somehow I really need to push myself a bit coz I need to have some improvent for this year base of anything and let other poeple know that I am changing. So here are the list :

    1. I will built another 3 site for these year.

  • Photoblog – Blog for my favourite photo.
  • Tidalwave-Studio – A site for my portfolio and Anime.
  • Hobbies – Blog for my collections.
  • Hopefully the second will finish by this year coz this site was usually create by 3 person last time but it we fails to do so.

    2. Be more concentric and motivate on everything.
    why? Why….why? Coz when I doing everything I will not put any effort and do it very simply. Especially my work you will saw many mistake but luckilly my leader didn’t shout at me XD compare to the previous job I will let my executive screw up like hell. Besides, me blur blur on everything and even dun listen porperly to what people speak.

    3. Get Slim
    Need to get slim asap. I know that ealier somehow I really cannot control myself on diet habbit. I get slim before but it bounce back many times. I got a bit mind on my body shape although I have try on immune on how people talk about me and how people looking. It was so annoying when sometimes I get emo plus people said that to me especially like “si fei hai”, “fei lou” ….but this was reality T_T. I tell myself I should shape a bit this year. To all my buddies and frens plz dun use food attract me coz I will easily defeat by food, scold me as well.

    4. Sharpen my skill
    I have been very outdated to many software especially on video editing and visual effect. Hoping by creating I will produce more flash animation and video. Besides, I will practice more on photographing and lightning, expecting that I will have an Nikon D200 coming next.

    5. Be good to my family, my buddies and friends
    I quite bad on controlling my emo and this make me worst all the time. Sorry for those who dun like me. I try to be matured a bit and get away from childish thinking. Besides, I would like to share more to my friends, buddies and be love to my family.

    6. More particapating on vacations, events and activities
    Take more photographs and know more about social then I can blog more….XD

    Thats was all about my resolution this year and hope it would happen to me. And my post end up here.

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