New convert wide lense for My DMC-FZ50

Last week I buy this new convert wide lense at Sungei Wang. I am thinking buy it long time ago but I didn’t buy it as the price was pretty high for Lumix brand. It cost me RM 650 that time then I rather go to buy an external flash light for my camera.

I choose to buy other brand one and it cost me more cheaper. By the way, it have 2 options in this lense which was for wide and macro. I haven’t try on the macro yet.


BEFORE – This picture I took it last time while during other event shooting.


After – The add on convert wide lense can give me this effect.


I test on the other shoot for the Berjaya Timesquare inside Eugene’s car. Sorry ar, coz I didn’t crop it out.
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Test on the sky inside Eugene’s car
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The second test shot.
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Test shot inside Q bar during TXN show. Might update soon!!!
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Test shot during Yum Cha section with Lynn, Nkwai and Anston.
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Come to conclusion it give me a semi fisheye effect but it did have some disadvantage for this lense. It might heavy a bit and the image quality might drop slightly. Cannot compare it to the expansive DSLR wide lense with better quality since this wide lense I bought is affordable and just a convert lense.

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