Mooncake Festival. Buy it or bake it?

I came back my home after work, walking along the path i smell my mum baking something. I walk in to the kitchen and I was suprise that my mother was baking mooncake this year. Before that I thought that my mum not going to bake this year as she complaint the lotus pricing was expansive.

Anyhow, my mom still do it this year as buy one box of lotus mooncake in the market equal to self bake 20-25 pieces mooncakes. Baking a moon cake was not easy and this part that I show below was the final session. Before this that still got a few steps.


2#- My Mum



5# finally…. and ready to eat by tomolo..hehe. My post end uphere

7 thoughts on “Mooncake Festival. Buy it or bake it?

  1. 101DoFollowBlogs

    I’ve heard some good things about this blog. Remember to balance the pics with the text tho. cheers!

  2. fattien

    101dofollowblogs: I try to improve my english..lolz. Thankz for dropping

    Neo: thankz!!! thats y i was still growing..T_T

    LeeChien: thankz :D. Ask ur mom to bake as well.

    Yozoranitesky:Happy Mid Autumn Festival. We planing to sell next year and I will go deliver…lolz

    Wing Loon: The small little thing is use to differentie which go yolk which dun have yolk.

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