Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya snap by FZ50, Canada Final

This was the fourth time we went to shoot Fireworks. It was rainy that day and thought that less people will went to this final Fireworks at Putrajaya. We went they by 9 pm but not lucky this time coz we get involve into terrible traffic. Besides, we were head into a wrong road….so cham.

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Compare to other people we still got a nice spot to view fireworks although many people blocking infront. So this time u will saw many heads in the picture. Some picture manage to crop out and most cannot. The mountain have block half of the fireworks view….shiet!!! >.< First time met with Hiew and his gal fren Lee Peng. Nkwai, Lynn, Myin’s brother (Han wen) and Ahkwong also has join this Fireworks shooting as well.


Here come the fireworks pics.


Found one nice shot from Rames, He shot at the bottom of the bridge there. It was similiar but different angle.






Ok!!! I post until here. More stuff coming soon.

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12 thoughts on “Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 at Putrajaya snap by FZ50, Canada Final

  1. Liew Post author

    Gallivanter: Where u standing!!! can’t see u lah. Must go very near there and hear the sound “bam bam bam” from the fireworks. If too far sure boring de.

    Ahkwong: dun jeolous can…hahaha 😛

    Jason: Fireworks mode can but the best is using M mode coz can adjust the exposure time. Tune to F7-8 and then 2-3 seconds exposure depend on the fireworks speed. Tripod is a must.

  2. vava

    Boring?? If you pay for the tickets to view it inside PICC, you will not feel boring & is damn worth to pay for it. The combination of the fireworks + the music(anyway, it is the muscial fireworks, without the music, is just like normal fireworks that you can see during countdown or etc). If you view it outside, you can only hear the fireworks sound, somemore it may block by people/other things, so you can’t view the full presentation (including the bottom/ low fireworks). Trust me, is worth to pay for it. you will say it unbelieveable / romantic rather than BORING…

  3. fattien

    vava: I didn’t try it before, but I heard my frend said it was very nice one. But for shooting purpose I still need to go out to captureh. Nothing is boring to watching it orelse I will not come here for four times, very enjoy the fireworks at the moment it was the best ever I saw in Malaysia.

    Huei: thankz!!! but this was the final one… no more fireworks to capture already. T_T

    Lynn: hahaha, nvmlah u snap a lot from the previous one mah

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