Leo’s Restaurant at Sri Petaling

This simple post that I upload this super early morning was suppose to be post on last Saturday but I can’t manage to post it up coz so many rancangan until Sunday. It has been so long time never post up food again. I try to make it simple and short here.


I order this Choclate peanut Toast, taste normal.


I came here last week with Lynn to have a dinner. I order this Cham(coffee mix with Teh) at this Leo’s which located inside the Store at Sri Petaling.


Lynn order this drink ( Jasmine Tea issit?)


Lynn order this Asam Laksa, taste no good at all!!!


Average food was not so good but the price were cheaper compare to other Hong Kong style food restaurant.

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5 thoughts on “Leo’s Restaurant at Sri Petaling

  1. SilverIsle

    Went there last night. I personally don’t really like the food there although my friends claimed that theirs were very nice. Hmm… Enjoyed the mint gelato though! Hehe.

    P/S: I’ve just linked you up in my blog yea. =P

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