Launch of Osim uSqueez at KLCC : 林志玲Lin Chi Ling Ambassador Osim Products (International Celebrity and famous Model)

Yesterday I was rushing to the KLCC for the briefing for volunteer Microsoft tech Ed. I come on 6.30pm but saw crowd of people standby at KLCC concourse there already. I found Nkwai standing so near to the stage there as he come early. I think people come here for Lin Chi Ling but not for Osim uSqueez product launching as I do….lolz.

Hope the briefing will be short. It end up by 8 o’clock then I run like nobody business to the concourse there. AHHHH!!!!!! too crowd as Ahkwong said so and worry cannot took photo by Chi Ling. I rush to the second floor there.

Excuse Excuse me!!!! push into the crowd and take camera to snap until battery End. I know I might not capture nice picture this time coz the lightning was too dark beside I was shooting too far somemore. I saw many photographer from photokaki bringing thier monster camera coming for shooting.

Belows was the image I took from Chi ling under ISO 400, F 5.6 and full zoom. (Noisy image >,<, but still can see properlylah.) As people said that Chi Ling got beautiful legs and I try my best to snap the leg as well. Image Hosted by






After the speech she start to posing!!! 🙂



She look at me, ohmy!!!! Actually I dun know de coz I raise up my camera to shot.


I super like this!!!! the back of Chi Ling was so de beautiful and she was very tall!!! Really nice legs, weee!!!! Pity lynn came late and miss out this.
Image Hosted by

The duration was 7.30pm to 8.10pm. I was just came in time and shooting for less then 5 minutes. Post End up here. More post will coming soon, I am going to Mayday’s concert tonite at Sungei Wang 4th floor parking by 8pm so who want to join me can drop me messeage and sms.

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17 thoughts on “Launch of Osim uSqueez at KLCC : 林志玲Lin Chi Ling Ambassador Osim Products (International Celebrity and famous Model)

  1. conan_cat

    lol yealor no pretty legs pics also… too bad XD but ooo she’s really pretty lor! @__oo nice nice~~

    and mayday concert, yesterday my friend call me 3g show me but knt see properly haha… post pics lar 😛

  2. Liew Post author

    ahkwong: no timelar dude, su rush u know.

    Anston: Depend on luck…lolz. but I think I am too rude to push in loh.

    Satkuru: Yoz!!! thankz for dropping by. Is kinda hard to take the full leg pics..

    JJ: me want to camwhoring with herlah

    Lynn: buy stair next time…lolz

    Boon: got half…hahahah

    spookygrace: not so kua jeonglah…..hahahah

    Conan_cat: walao. got come mayday concert ka…but raning that day and not manage to take good photo.

    Neo: I am not official photographerlah….T_T orelse no prolbem de.

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