Bukit Tinggi Trip, French village photo session part 2 & Ling Zhi Ling(taiwan model come to KLCC 7th Sep. annoucement)

Before showing the image for the Bukit Tinggi’s French Village. I would like annouce that Ling Zhi ling (Taiwan famous model) will arrive to KLCC Concourse by 7.30 pm (not so sure), 7th September. I get this info from Lynn, who want to join us for the photo session can drop me a messeage in the comments. I might be late coz attend this Microsoft Tech ed Volunteer briefing but lucky still at the same place.


Ok now come back to the French Village post. We came here late after the Japanese Village and the weather condition was bad for photo that evening. Too cloudy!!! >.< The same old gang which was Lynn, ahkwong, myin and me.

It more look like an evil village to me coz influnce by the weather.


Before entering the village we did some camwhoring at the Entrance.

Lynn and Myin


Ahkwong and Myin


The clock tower


We spot white swan and dark swan at the pond!! When I took this pic I kinda scare they will fly over and bite me…lgegege.



Entering the Village.


The buildings and structure can make u feel like in french but I didn’t know how the real french look like..? But it still look very nice here.


Spot bubbles…I dunno y but just snap it.



Snap the whole village from top of the tower.


Group pic


I never forget this!!! While I was walking with Lynn suddenly heard a big crack sound. Ohmy Lynn murder giant huge beetle. It take long time to grow like that big size!!! Lynn murderer… My post end up here.


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9 thoughts on “Bukit Tinggi Trip, French village photo session part 2 & Ling Zhi Ling(taiwan model come to KLCC 7th Sep. annoucement)

  1. conan_cat

    lol… accidently terkill the poor thing plak XD and ooo ur camera good wor bubbles also can take until so clear 😀 last time i go bukit tinggi also quite cloudy ahha… but better go when cloudy cuz when it’s hot it’s really HOT XD

  2. Liew Post author

    conan_cat: Yoz!!! I dun mind hot one as it got good weather I can get better photos

    ahkwong: beware ahkwong, she will come kill u.

  3. Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Ling Zhi Ling(taiwan model come to KLCC 7th Sep. annoucement), but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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