Kuala Lumpur Photograhpy Festival (KLPF) Part 2

Lynn was late for the KLPF that day. She didn’t take any photo at that session so I make her my title this time. Show half face dun mind ar!!!


Group photo in the exhibition hall there. Eugene, Eri, NkwaiAnston


Spot many kind of lens there but it doesn’t relate to me coz my camera lens is fix together one and that is the reason my camera call Semi DSLR. Planning to buy a full DSLR next year.

The Sigma lens


Inside of the Tamtron lens sculpter.


This classic look Rollei 35 camera look superb to me. Gold color roxks lah but it might attract thiefs to steal.


Spot some light’s equipment here.


Testing shoot on the Objects



First time saw water casing for DSLR, kinda huge!!!


Ok!!! End up this post here and the next post will be to Dataran Merdeka.


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11 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur Photograhpy Festival (KLPF) Part 2

  1. fattien

    Galivanter: thankz 🙂

    Ahkwong: hehehe….. u also can fast de mah.

    Spookygrave: Is a tea pot gua…lolz

    HungWei: Next time dun miss it loh

  2. Liew Post author

    Huei: Em…..I didn’t any money there but time. My camera is seems everything fix in one…no need to change lense and extra Acessories. If this event need to spend money to buy ticket for enter I think I will consider 1st.

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