Japanese buffet at Sungai Wang.

It was a great Sunday. I almost will have a big meal every week. Diet!!!! noway I forget about it n years already. Diet make me pleasure coz have to control this and that. Although I am fat but I started not to care anything about it anymore and I want get back what I want to be. Happy and food is so important to me….LOLZ.

I meet up with Lynn and Ming Wei at Sungai Wang and then started to disccusing to eat at which places. So we decide to have a Japanese buffet at 6th floor of Sungai Wang.

It was almost RM30.00 for each person. Oh no!! we forgot about Wei Tau again so I quickly call Him up arrived in short.

Wei Tau and Lynn. Wei Tau was hungry like ghost at that moment…….

Me(Arch) and Meng Wei

Oyster….Ming wei favourite.

Japanese Steamboat…. erm not look alike but is more like Korean style. I have no I Idea at all and the taste quite normal.

I usually order this sets while going for Japanese food. This is end of the post.

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