Irons (郭品超), 林宇中 at Sungei Wang: MyFM 50 hours Outdoor broadcast

This time must show up the 3rd special guest. He was Irons(郭品超)!!!! The 1st time I saw him in Malaysia and so close can!!!!Huei,Chatherine, Dolphin and all the females. This time might not dissapoint you all coz finally can upload lengchai in my blog already XD. I am not only upload lenglui in my blog okie..lolz.

Irons (郭品超)


So handsome can!!! I heard the gals screaming like hell there. People keep on pushing in front to get a single view of his face and take photographs. Me was involve as well, so pack and hot ar.


Irons touch his hair. The gals scream again!!!! my ears pain gila when I concentrating on taking photos.


Randoms pis of Iron.



Smiles!!! he smile at my lens shot!!


The next day of Saturday, I was suppose to go Genting highland to watch Wubai concert but still got a bit time. Feel like still want to go there again!!!! Without any hestitation I went there again after 1pm.

Reach there I snap 林宇中Ling Yu Zhong


I am not his fanlah of coz but still got listens a few music from his Album. By the way, I saw Wai Fun(one of the MyFM DJ) as well from the right.

One more picture here and I have to rush to Genting. Post until here and more update will coming soon.


6 thoughts on “Irons (郭品超), 林宇中 at Sungei Wang: MyFM 50 hours Outdoor broadcast

  1. huei


    I WAN MORE OSO!!!!!

    i saw ling yi zhong in the curve..he’s abit gayish..but none-the-less..SO LENG CHAI!!!!

  2. Liew Post author

    Spookygrace: Got more coming soon!!! I later will post up wubai pics..lolz

    Anston: huh…. I never think of competition with himlah. Just thinking of posting Irons lengchai pic only/

    Kwong: Our article also not same…lolz. but image cannot avoid.

    Huei: I heard that before but it was not so convenient to go to the curve. Sure will continue post more leng chai pics in the future.

    Lynn: nvm!!! next time got more geh.

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