Infra Red photos versus original photos

This was my first batch of Infra red photos. I don’t have a infra red filter for my camera and all image was reproduction by photoshop so this was not a perfect infra red photos. Most of the time I use photoshop for resizing and color adjusting but less making extra effect on the pictures.

This time I try to do experience on the photos with some blending options. Hope you guys and girls like it. The photos might fake…..lolz but anyhow I will show a original picture attach with the infra red ones.

Infra Red pictures

Infra Red pictures

Infra Red Pictures

Infra Red Pictures

Infra Red Pictures

I really considering to buy the filter but cost me around RM 200 ++, no choice so poor now I have save money for the new DSLR. My post end up here.

13 thoughts on “Infra Red photos versus original photos

  1. Yozoranitesky

    i find some of the photos quite is like what we could see happen to our mother earth if we continue to pollute and not care about the environment. brrr…scary but good to wake us up to this fact that we are responsible to keep our earth safe, clean and beautiful

  2. Liew Post author

    hp84: I try to…but still far distance to go…T_T cham.

    Yozoranitesky: hahaha….this was not what we can control all left the god to do so..I think the the standard level here still too far compare to overseas. You will not see this kind polluted stuff and simply throw rubbish habbitual in German and singapore…

    Kris: thankz for the compliments.

    Noku89, Amir: I will show the tips on coming session…maybe after 1 or 2 more post…

  3. Liew Post author

    amir: sorry yar…might extand. Coz need some time to prepare as well.

    Tulipspeaks: Ya… many ppl said that pic nice.

    Ahkwong: Aiya…you also know lar

    Hp84: it take times.. I will get it at the end. Thankz for the courage.

    Clive: hehe…me too. but yellowish sometimes might give ppl some sad feeling.

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