I’m sorry! : jokes

Sorry for uploading this entry in chinese words format. I not going to translate this coz it might only funny when read in chinese.


小明立即把握機會:”I’m sorry!”

外國人:”I’m sorry too!”

小明不甘示弱”I’m sorry three!”

外國人:”What are you sorry for?”

小明:”什麼!Four我呀!I’m sorry five!”

外國人:”Are you sick?”

小明:”Six我!I’m sorry seven..”

外國人:”fuck you!!!”

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8 thoughts on “I’m sorry! : jokes

  1. fattien

    Neo: All just depend on your imagination….lolz

    Ahkwong: Woei Ming or 小明….hahah

    Kenny Ng: Hahahaha…. I think so ” 发油” and Ah ming will said ” i give u my hair gel”.

    Danielctw: It depend on situationlah….If 小明 is gay then how..?

    Anston: hohoho…小田 might challenge..:P

    Huei: hah……sorrylu…

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