I miss macro shots, I miss FZ50

The projects was still in progress session and the same time was I was still doing with the Alluringmemoirs project. A lot of things coming in none stop and yet still have a bunch of photos need to be uploaded. I just upload some macro photos to our flickr and I found that I quite miss macro shooting. I post a few pics instead of stop blogging for long.

Too bad that I have sell off my FZ50 and the current lenses i have cannot do a very close up shooting which base on my projects….heache..aikz. Btw, The FZ50 also bring some Cons during the noise problem by boosting up the ISO. Is that means I have to buy macro lens to satisfy myself?! Then I go to check out some specify lens from the internet. I found out Tamron series and I sure you guys will ask me why don’t go for Sigma and Canon. I always look for affordable and effective, I don’t really care what brands and as long it works!!




My post end up here.

4 thoughts on “I miss macro shots, I miss FZ50

  1. Liew Post author

    Traffic Generation Tips: thankz for dropping and the compliments

    Yatz: hehe….fast fast buy camera lar.

    Swordie: sorry for accidently delete ur comments….really really sorry. I apply duotone to the photo only.

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