Home, Bukit Jalil and me.(part 1)

I used to stay at Sri Petaling more then 10 years already so I saw the big changes from the process of Bukit Sampah to Bukit Jalil. Bukit Jalil was occur for the sport games of Commenwealth in 1998. Since that I was only Form 3. I always have to walk through that place for studying by taking LRT until I work now. Before that I was still taking bus such as Tong Fong (121, 103), Bas mini(59, 13), Intra Kota. So miss the bus which without air con and the crazy Bas mini plus lot and lot of stories happen. Nowadays, Buses were so sucks!!!

Places that I live (Apartment Endah Villa, Sri Petaling), Daniel also live here before and he move it to Arena g]Green almost 2 years I guest.

Capture from Bkt. Jalil LRT Station

So every morning when I came out of from my house I will saw this two tall tree. I remember that time I move in these place it just as same height as me but now so tall and huge.

I have no chance to took pic for the past and I didn’t even thinking doing that. So when I own my camera I change my mind.

Good memories were so important to me and it was perfect with photos. Many people said that friends are so important to them. For my opinion nothing is eternal but a photo do make a freeze on each happy moment when u review back.

I like too watch the clouds when I was walking to LRT or walking back home. It was so peaceful and relax. It was hardly to get some nice cloudy pic this period because of the dam hazes. The pictures below was all captured when the rain stop.

Blue Sky

‘Stadium Bukit Jalil’ capture from the order site of the mountain.

My post will write until here today. There will be more on bkt J coming soon.

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