Halo Cafe at OUG PLAZA

YOzzzzz!!! It was been a month never went to Halo Cafe again. Many people might found that spending money in this kind of place was not worth coz quite expensive especially for thier drinks. I come to this place was not for baverage or meal but listen to life band singing. I prefer to come to this OUG branch one compare to Jalan Sultan and cheras one as the place was locate on the second floor and easy to find while you reach the entrance. (near my house of coz!!!)

Some random photo taken in the cafe. Thankz for Lynn help and of coz she need a lot to practice for her new machine.


The Bar


I use to order this Green Apple green tea. I only try on this coz most of the bavarage was sukz!!! My friend also tell me that Jasmine green tea Is good as well.


Lynn order this the hot Jasmine Tea but the waiter bring her the wrong one. It was a glommy rose tea.


Sometimes you come to Halo cafe is depend on your luck as they got nice vocalist and lousy vocalist(average lah).


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6 thoughts on “Halo Cafe at OUG PLAZA

  1. Liew Post author

    Rabbit: Food blog?!! I think almostloh coz I was so addicted to food..lolz

    Huei: Sometimes depend on lucks but can try the Sultan street one.

    Kenneth: Is a good place for couple. gathering also not bad if u dun mind noisy. ^_^

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