Good News For This Week

There was 3 good news I have to share to you all. The first one was really excited becoz I have attend this Grand blogger gathering by this coming friday at Federal Hotel. I am going there we with my friend (Ahkwong) as he is same as me coz 1st time to attend this kind of event. So I goona to take as many photo as I can…know as more blogger as I can.

For more information can review to this link

The second good news. My 2nd website will be release soon!!! the site was running now but not yet complete.

It was about game review, strategy, guide…….everything about games.

The third news. New site for my classmate S3S1 of secondary school(Confucian SM).

I will be one of the moderator guest of this website but since that was so slow and it will be move to a new one.
So I help to promote here:

words from Ahkwong As a result, we gonna move our community to pay domain. Lucky, we have sponsers from Mr. Bock ( our ex-class leader), Miss Siew Jin, Miss Jiew Lian, Mr. Wen Tien & me… lolz. So, we can have brand new community webspace next week, if no delay or accidents. Special thanks to these leng zai leng lui 1st!

Total RM115 sponsered by them, used to cover domain registration & hosting cost, and it last for 1 year only. Hosting server located at Singapore data center, of course anyone from Confucian Senior 3 Sains 1 are welcome to become one of the blog authors.

Ok, will be annouce onces setup complete…

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