Genting photo session 1 : Landscape series

Last Saturday we went to genting to redeem our ticket that we won from the Wubai Promo showat Sungei Wang Plaza. No other place to redeem our ticket by no choice so we forcing ourself to go there for a half day trip. Sometimes we must go out to have a break as Eugene said so…relaxing damn good de.

Along the road I keep on snapping photo. The Lanscape, the mountain, the clouds…..anything. My eye was comfortable while looking at the green green stuff although it was a bit hot that day but is lot more better than just sitting in front the PC at office.



Myin was taking photo.


Saw genting from far. I was worry the camera will swing out while the car was still moving and turning left right.


We stop at some nice spot for camwhoring. Lynn was shooting on us. Say Cheese Okay!!


Group photo


Random pics







I was lucky to snap this picture. The Aeroplane just past by the sun.


My post upload until here. More post coming soon.

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11 thoughts on “Genting photo session 1 : Landscape series

  1. Eugene

    yorr.. thanks for linking.. lol..

    so nice.. i shud have stopped by to snap some nice pixies..

    after seeing your post… ahh.. i wanna go again..

  2. fattien

    Ahkwong: She should upload de!! 🙂

    Eugene: The scenery was nice ar but don’t choose to go there in a holiday season coz many car quite dangerous one.

    there still got many places are very nice de.
    Like the Mushroom part, temple, japanese village……

    Conan_cat: Don’t tell u 1st….kakakakaka

    Huei: Camwhoring sure funleh coz can store all the nice memory.

  3. Liew Post author

    travelphilippines: Went there before december coz student holiday might coz that place very packing and crowd. Of coz it is a very nice place, cooling as well. keke

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