First Task on Wedding Photography : Mark & Kelly

This was my 1st time on taking job for wedding photography. First of all, I have to thank Catherine for giving me this chance. From this job I found that I still got a lot to learn from the sifu and I have see the limitation of my camera. I think it is time to upgrade a better one coz my camera is not a full DSLR. By the way, I am quite heache for chosing the cameras…and the same time I don’t have the budget yet 🙁 .









14 thoughts on “First Task on Wedding Photography : Mark & Kelly

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  2. clive

    finally u get wedding shoot ~ pls up more~~ dont mind with the camera, last time i was used prosumer to ‘hamdam ‘few wedding shots too, get more experience is important !

  3. Liew Post author

    ahkwong: hahahaha, dunno u were rushing there.

    Nicktay: thankz for the compliments and thankz for dropping by. 😀

    dasheriprokk: thankz for the linking

    Silverisle: thank you so much!!!

    Taylor Jackson: I agree what you said so. Thankz for dropping by.

    3point8 & huei : tengkiu 😀

    Khengsiong: woh!!! studio was a very big investment for me. hahaha and it was my dream to own a studio as well.

    Clive: Em…oh thanks for the compliment. Yah I got one more wedding shot this coming sunday for a malay couple. Will upload it after that..hehe

    Mich: hahaha!!! ok 😀

  4. gotornafgam

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    I wish to shout about love to all world ! 🙂
    Love this magnificent feeling:)))))

  5. wintervssummer

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    Someone very much loves winter 🙁
    I Wish to know whom more 🙂
    For what you love winter?
    For what you love summer? Let’s argue 🙂

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