Double Happiness Grill House (birthday cond.)

This was my continue birthday celebration section. I have decide to have my dinner at Double Happiness Grill house which very near…very near….I dunno what place is that sorry….(^_^)”, and I just know how to go there by direction. Me, Ahkwong and Myin have reach there by almost 7.30 pm.

The environment was nice and is more look like a garden like restoran. It was a nice place for couple but I am still a single….sweat. So I order this….

Sizzling grill chicken with tiger prawns

Grill cheese chicken with ham order by ahkwong

Grill Chicken with tiger prawns fill with wine souce order by myin

Ops, my battery end up here…Oh my godness. Fortunely Ahkwong got brought his D40 then I better use his camera and so my birthday dinner will continue on his blog site…lolz.

My wishes for the birtday………D200……plz come true….. My post end up here.

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2 thoughts on “Double Happiness Grill House (birthday cond.)

  1. jae

    omgggg You’d better find out where this place is.. Your plate of sizzling grilled chiq wif tiger prawns… slurrrrppppP!!!

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