Cute and creative Japanese Food

My friend send me this email with all the cute Japanese food. I really like the color and creative on how they create this kind of food but I dunno it whether it taste good or not. Share this photo out to all of you maybe some of the readers have read this from email already. Pictures was not mine and it was from




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9 thoughts on “Cute and creative Japanese Food

  1. Liew Post author

    aLexpikachu: No idea, I never try it before.

    Rabbit: wah!!!! can can but you must make a bowl of sea coconut herbal tea.kekekek

    Poonky:lolz, u also got receive this email ar….

    DLG: I will finish makan and just make it out again…:D

    Conan_cat: Malaysia dun have delah, ppl here dun have so much effort to do this kind of food.

    Ben: Oh my!!!! thkz for dropping by..hehe. I think gals might be..lolz

    ahboon:I think this is a good idea. can talk…lolz

    Huei: eat it first then make another one…lolz

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