Chopstick Noodle House : Midvalley

Last Sunday we went to Midvalley for a photo section. Since the event not started yet so we quicky go to seek for food. We usually will go to Kimgary because Midvalley food court was tasteless. Reach there then….oh gosh!!! have to quene!!! We have no choice so we choose the restaurant that just beside call Chopstick Noodle House.
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This was Myin, she just been to salloon to dress up her hair. So just camwhore for her new hairstyle as memory. This photo I used sepia mode.
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I order this Sui Gao Mee, the Sui Gao was damn nice but the mee taste like weird. the Price was RM 9.50…hmmm….expansive!!!
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This was the dry version of Sui Gao Mee and the mee taste weird as well.
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Myin order this Claypot Lou Sue fen, taste normal but the size was too small lah and it was just 1/3 of the claypot only …like tipu money and the cost was RM11.50.
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No good for this restaurant (expansive). Since we only test 2 kind of food only but others might taste goodlah coz I saw many people order Dim Sum only. After finish our meal we walk to the center od Midvalley for preparation.

Estee Lauder Model search!!!!
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I upload until here coz lack of rest due to yesterday marry event from my friend so more photo will coming soon!!! ok ^_^V
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5 thoughts on “Chopstick Noodle House : Midvalley

  1. conan_cat

    wahlao… wonton mee also so darn expensive = =” i go pasar malam eat also mayb cheaper than this lol… XD

    p/s: my blog is back 🙂

  2. Liew Post author

    Neo:patient sikitlah, coming up soon…kakakakka

    Conan_cat: agree with you!!! how come long time no blog de…busy?

    Huei: Forget jorloh…the sui gao is yummy but the mee no good.

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