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Steamboat again at Hometown Steamboat Restaurant Genting Klang

This was happen last 2 weeks ago and invited by Jen. Thankz for Eugene fetching me over there ya!! This was my first time to come to this Steamboat Restaurant. Overall was quite ok!!! the soup wast tasty and the ingredient was fresh.

This was like a blogger gathering to me too, people involved were Jen, Rames, Hiew, Adrian, Kate, Hikaru, Jacklyn, Jed, Eri, Eugene, Joshua and crystal.

I met a new blogger there Joshua aka Fazai38 and his beloved Crystal. He sitting besize me and worry about the food would not enough for me so keep on putting food on my bowl, Btw Eugene and Eri did the same things….so paiseh can.lolz…Thankz anyway:D. Before I eat I tot it was a buffet type steamboat told informed by eugene earlier, so I let my stomach empty from the afternoon. Btw, still full stomach in the end by fill in all the mee hun and yee mee.

Shooting session

Joshua, Crystal and Rames

Another group photo

Ok!!! my post end up here

Dinner at Chuai Heng Restaurant : Celebrate Hiew’s Birthday at Puchong Neway

last Saturday I have attend a dinner at Chuai Heng Restaurant which located Ampang Water Front. First of all, thankz ahkwong & Myin for the meal. By the way, I meet Lynn, Hiew, Lee Peng, Eugene and Mikel.

Overall the food was taste nice only the prawn was sucks that night.



We have a lot fun and chit chats that night, camhores…..lolz

The gals

Eugene and Mikel

After we finish the dinner, we continue to celebrate Hiew’s Birthday at Puchong Neway. Oh gosh, I have never been singing K for such long time and I remember was I was singing from 11pm to morning 4.30 am.
By the way, Nkwai was joining in too!!!
Hiew and Lee Peng.

Lynn as the singing queen of the night.
okay. My post end up here.

Meet the old classmate Shyr : Vote for Joshua

It has been five years estimated we didn’t met this guys Shyr Foong as our secondary classmate. Thankz to Anston as MingWei has organized this little gathering at old town Kopitiam at Cheras.

From left to right Catherine, Lynn, Myin, Ahkwong, me, Shyr foong and Anston.

Catherine and Lynn

Shyr, is that any changes of us?

The guys pic!! Hope more activities and hanging out coming soon

Vote for Joshua

Another one thing here, WATCH TIS VIDEO & VOTE FOR JOSHUA, which can help him to stand a chance to win RM10k and belanja us to makan…wakakaka.

How to vote?
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