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Mika Nakashima : Yuki no Hana

Born in Kagoshima Prefecture, on the island of Kyūshū, Japan, Mika Nakashima was the youngest of three children. She dreamed of pursuing a singing career from a young age. She decided not to attend high school or college in order to pursue a music career.

She was chosen from among 3000 girls to be the heroine of the 2001 fall Fuji TV drama, Kizudarake no Love Song (Tainted Love Song). In November, she made her debut with Sony Music Associated Records, with the song “Stars”, which was also the theme song of the drama.

Her second single “Crescent Moon”, an 80’s themed song, was limited to 100,000 copies. It sold out the first day of its release. In March of 2002 she released her third single “One Survive” and her first video collection, “Film Lotus”. This was followed in May by her 4th single “Helpless Rain”, and in August, by her 5th single “Will”, which went on to rack up sales of over 140,000. Both were top ten hits and sold over or near the key 100k mark, proving Nakashima’s rising star appeal.

My favourite song of Mika: Yuki no Hana

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Mo Siang Online Game Event Launching at LowYat Plaza.

I went to the Mo Siang Online Game Event Launching by last Saturday at LowYat Plaza. I reach there by 2.30 pm.If you want to know more about this game you can click the image below or going to this site
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Not much people that day coz most of the people have went to KLCC PcFair. Is a good news for me so I can have change to try that game. The game was free for register one so anyone of you got interest to this game can online register.
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There got free gifts away, custom play showgal and local singers perfomance on that day. Luckily that day was not hot as I dun like attend outdoor event especially on afternoon section.

The Custom Showgal

I saw custom item too. The swords and weapon for this Mo Siang Online game. Dun play play coz this was real steel weapon sure can chop you into half pieces.

Thankz for the stuff for borrowing us the custom tool for taking photo (I take a post on myself). wakakakaka and thankz for Myin to help me to take this pic.

After that we wait for another 20 mins for the show and I felt a bit rain that day.

My first time saw Febe from MyFm in such short distance. She was the DJ for the event lauching of Mo Siang Online Game.

Later I saw this two amazing person-

Daniel from Malaysia Idol.
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Nita from Malaysia Idol as well but not quite sure

I was so shocked that day coz can’t Imagine he was standing so close to me and even got chance to shake hand with them. He was quite shorty but got a great voice and performing. Besides, Nita voice was powerful as well and I really give a thumbup top them.

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Daniel Duel with Nita
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Video that I record that day hope dun mind coz the voice not so nice.

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