A tag from Kim Fei : My most stupid picture

A tag from KimFei almost a week ago. I usually don’t do tag but this seems easy to do but difficult to choose my most stupid picture…lolz. This was my look during few years ago.. Many people complaint that I look lala and some even said that I am not match the hair color. I got a lot of ugly picture of myself but lazy to check it back.

The most stupid picture of mine i think was this series of picture. I steal this picture from Lynn site. See what behind the waterfall.







The most stupid picture is my potrait on the gabai waterfall series.

See whether I can become champion of the most stupid pics…mukakakakaka

#Here’s the rules. All you gotta do is post the most stupid picture of yourself doing the most stupid / lame / weird / embarassing act that someone asked you to pose for a picture. Secondly, Just tag 5 people to do it, Then you’re done. OK?!

I dunno who to tag, As you all like to do then just try this tag… hehehe

8 thoughts on “A tag from Kim Fei : My most stupid picture

  1. Liew Post author

    Ahkwong:oooiii!!! dun wan lar. You took my pic like pornography…lolz

    Maegen: Can I tag u whis this title…wahahaha

    3point8: hahahaha….sei meh

    Jason: lolz

    Mich: can can can….lolz

    Huei: oh yah, last time they said i look fierce while I gold my hair.

  2. Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article A tag from Kim Fei : My most stupid picture, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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