A short trip to Batu Caves : Evening photo session

Last Saturday, I went to Batu Caves with Anston and Nkwai.The Batu Caves are situated thirteen kilometers (seven miles) north of the capital city Kuala Lumpur. They are the sacred place for the Hindu’s in Malaysia.

By the time we reach there was around 5pm. Along the way was so traffic jam due to the raning weather.
Batu caves

Once we reach the entrance, I saw a lot of monkeys there. They seems like not afraid of the people at all.
Shooting Monkey

From right to left:Nkwai and Anston
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Temple Building and Structure. It was different feeling once you snap on the evening and morning.
Building and structure

Building and structure

Inside Batu caves. the creation of god.
batu caves

The big statue of hindu god
Hindu God
Ok I post until here and tomolo I will post up the morning session soon

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