8tv Carnival 2007 roadshow at Berjaya Time Square.

Last Saturday I went to this 8TV carnival 2007 road show. Seeking for something else to snap!!! The place was so crowed. Weather was bad and clowdy that day, so pictures will out of AWB. There got games, singing, prizes, gift….. all sort of activties….funleh.



I meet up Hungwei and his friends at the Timesquare entrance. He was looking for new gadget Sony A100. will get it soon later de!!!


A potrait picture for the crown.


The audience was so fun and happy with the host there. Aunty also can be very hot de.


I took a few picture for the host but I really dunno how to call out thier names coz I really less on watching 8tv.




But this two local singer I know
Henry coming for promo on his new album






Ok!!! my post upload until here.


7 thoughts on “8tv Carnival 2007 roadshow at Berjaya Time Square.

  1. Criz Lai

    Wah.. so packed leh. The last time I join 8TV function was when they were in Penang for the Summer Concert. It was fun and wet of course with sweat..haha 😛

  2. Yatz

    actually the guy’s name is henley..such a retarded manglish name for henry..and i dunno whether u intentionally put the colorful guy as crown ala smashpop style..

  3. fattien

    Criz Lai: I 1st timer…hehe:) It was fun there

    Yatz: Paisehleh, I spell the wrong name of the singer.. a lot of friend say my blog style like him… mt english not so good guy.

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