28/10 Back to work Again

It is so sicked and busy this 2 days, I can’t upload my post. Must rajin sikitloh coz i still got many news haven’t post up yet. This post is from last lask week one, so every saturday i will join my workmates go to KL plaza upsteps for gyms and swiming.

It was so sienz coz everyday seems rainy……

So no choice, I only went gyms and hope for the rain to stop.

This was my workmates, let see Mr skeleton to perform his muscle pose

This was Mr yeap….

And Jeniffer…..

and my battery end up here……Omg. Then I get back home by 5 something..until I reach home I get my battery charged and have a break.

Smells good… This was my dinner which was prepared by my mom…

Steam Fuk chuk and pork mix with Special souce.

Tom yam Prawn.

Thkz mom…..

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