24/10 Hari Raya!!!Genting Indoor(part 1)

About 2pm, we switch to move into indoor theme of Genting. At there we saw some funny costume have thier perfomance on the stage. So i take a few shots on them..

There are so cute, many children go near and try to touch them.

And we saw flying whales, flying dragons ride …..but i only capture one

We were tired and hungry and each restoran are full with people and we have to quene as well.
so we simply eat.

After we finish our meal, i went to take some good shots for mei mei. There is quite a lot by that day.

This pic I capture if from a far distance (it is good to have more optical zoom with DC)

This 2nd pic I capture from the third floor.

That is a few more, but i only upload this 2 pic.

Nah, we end at here now, there is more coming soon.

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