21/10 Happy Deepavali !!! (part 2)

It is good to have some time to relax at home. After we have our dinner at home, I join my parents to have a ride on KL bintang streets and at the same time i want to try capture some picture in night scenes.


Bukit Bintang




Bukit Bintang Shops slot.


This is my 1st home, I have been staying there for almost 13 yrs since I am a baby. There is a lot of sweet memories here.Our neighbours have been move to other place and have not been seing each other for many yrs.

Nowadays, no more ppl live there anymore and all have change into hostel and cafe. Lolz it becomes a place for tourism. Besides, these place has become a place for local movies shooting scenes(“3 girls in one bed” from astro’s wah lai toi).


I dunno what happen to here again if i come back for another 10 years.

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