20/10(afternoon) SayuNaNa to Tidalwave dreams

After I leave my office, i rush to legend Hotel there to meet my partners. I felt a bit upset coz finally have to break up and destructed our dreams. dreams1.jpg

Yap and Tiu (look mad)

Is this the end of our dreams, i really have no ideas. but I still not give up yet. It has been stuck for almost half years in this case. Many ppl said dreams break then partners no more, it is truth but at least frenship dun disappear.

I hope one day we growth then we can build another dreams. It is matter of time only.


The picture above have taken “n” years already. We started to have many planning and dreams to the future and it was so happy, but when time pass everything will destructed lots energy and time have been wasted. But at least i earn my experience. Wish you all good luck buddies…yap and tiu


4 thoughts on “20/10(afternoon) SayuNaNa to Tidalwave dreams

  1. Fattien

    i dun think so far, but what i need to do now is my blog. I will make 2 more websites later. This ‘ dreams’ might happen or not…depend situation and it might would not happen. If they duwan i can find other partners and i can’t figure it out coz it is a future plan and it may take 2..10 yrs and i dunno… but considering and planning is a must.

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