11/11 Yeap’s new Electronic Guitar!!!

It was so great to hear that Yeap get his Baby by last month. Since that he has planning so long to buy his American Dream. He bought it by 27th of october the next day after his birthday. I purposely ask him to bring along his guitar to have some perfomance inside our office but he didn’t bring his amplifier. Nvmlah…. must practice hard so next time I can make a recording video from u. XD

Actually it was very heavy compare to normal guitar.

Wow… Yeap start to perfomance ……

Here was the close up shot.

The second close up shut with distortion view.

and he rocks with his electronic guitar…

This pic was not touched up one coz he really can jump that high with crazy heavy guitar.

Me too… have a crazy pose on the guitar.

Here comes Mr skeleton….

And that is all about this post so…..

3 thoughts on “11/11 Yeap’s new Electronic Guitar!!!

  1. yeap

    Good !!! Very good my friend … but im lil shy to see my guitar n myself to appear inside ur blog … actualy im not that good to play but i will practice harder …thats my way of music…haha…maybe next time i’ll show up in youtube…so ganbate n keep on posting some news n photos…

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