Worst thing happen to my happy friday : My FRIEND was Innocent.

I kinda moody today and it suppose to be a happy weekend. I am going to write something that was bad happen yesterday night.Every Friday and Saturday Night, I will usually join my friends playing Dota at Wangsa Maju Cyber Cafe. Fine!!! That Cyber Cafe call as ‘Tbun Cafe’. We usually play in 5 hour package and have our fun there for quite a long period.

Yesterday, we found that the network was unstable and it coz the game lagging. Besides, the Internet cannot acess as well. So I turn back my head and watch on other PC but they still can acess to the internet. We tot that the PC got problem so we ask the techinician to check out the PC. Ant yet, he can’t fix the problem so we were ask for changing sit and transfer us to other PC. I felt weird that day coz normally Friday could be very pack of ppl and it seems less ppl that day.

After our sits changes we still found the same problem again. Kinda Sienz to ask the technician to check the problem again. My friend Jelson got knowledge on handing the networks problem, he help to check up the plug connection and adjust the localarea network properties…hmm problem still the same. We look the front row there and there still got another roll which empty so we ask the technician to transfer us to that sits agan. Guest what?!! the problem still remain the same again. Kinda sienz coz we paid to play but things happen badly so no choices we just play others.

After a while, I heard two guys coming from the back and force my fren to other place. Kinda weird issit!? But I am still concentrate on the game. Kwong told me that the guy was crapping my fren with madness.. we wait for him to come back for the game but dunno what was happening. Within 5 minutes, I felt the atmosophere was totaly madness my friend was back and follow by many people. The technician was checking on friend pc log file and suddenly scold my friend at the same time by pushing him to the wall… I was so shock at the moment and we were surround by a bunch of people. Those scene remind me the gangster movie from Hong Kong and I was sweat with cold at the moment…how could this happening?! The Big Boss of the cafe was here also.

I smell alchohol from that guy, He fark like that:

“We only take RM2 from you guys for each hour!!! Why are you coming here to spoil our network and fuck our place!!!”

My Fren reply:

“I dunno what happen? I do nothing!!!”

That Mad guy keep pushing my friend again

“I saw you touch that network things (*actually there were behind aiming on us), I dunno what u have done, if you dun settle this down!!! You are not allow to out of this place!!!

My Fren reply:


My mind was empty and do nothing to help it out coz we were press down by other ppl. They keep suspect on us and asking all the farking question. Kwong was explain that it might coz by the virus that atack the network jamming but not my fren fault. For me they were just like a bunch of Gangster and they really don’t listen to us. They were fucking rude to us ….. My friend was really innocent. They keep us away from my friend and take contacts from him. Besides, they were suspect that other cases happen previously was done by my friend as well. How could it be?!! We come to have fun only but never think of hacking and jam ur farking network system.

We just doing nothing but just looking my friend being punish and shout by those moron. I was sad by looking my friend holding his tears and just keep said sorry, sorry……I do nothing ….. (He can’t counter back coz it might get bit). At the same time we was surround by many ppl…..Just dunno how to describe the feeling…INNOCENT.

The sistuation was still dragging on. Instead of scare away other customer, they ask us go out from of the cafe by following a bunch of stupid morons. After a while there release my friend…… I dunno what is thier conversation about coz we were keeping away from a distance. I don’t think this sistuation will settle that easy coz anything happen they will find my friend again. He live near there and those gangster get my friend contact and address..I just so worry if those morons try to mass up my frens. All words I can said this was Unfair !!! How could that judge my fren like that just because of touching of the network plug. This was total innocent at all. I going to fark them offf!!!!! they all go to hell lah @#@#@#% We swear we dun want to go to ur Farking Damn stupid Cafe again. LanJiao!!!! DNMKCH

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14 thoughts on “Worst thing happen to my happy friday : My FRIEND was Innocent.

  1. Anston

    I’ve some rumours like this but happens at others cafe. You guys can got out there is very very LUCKY lor.

    If the network got problem then just FxxK them lor! But if outsiders toched or moved their things, sure they’ll arrow him lor. So pls dun simply ‘touch’ their thigs. Somemore they are Gangsters as u mentioned 😀

  2. Eugene

    so this is how cafes nowadays run their business. good job. they earned them self a very good reputation there.

    if they can’t take care of their own network management, why open a cafe in the first place? better close down the shop right?

    network jammed/hang/slammed/banged rosak.. and then start to blame the customer. what a shame. call themselves a cyber cafe? not mentioning about giving a bad service of normal gaming , but by using a bunch of idiots shouting, this is way too much!

    paying money to play, can’t get to play but instead get fucked by the staff? hou lan geng.. hou lan scared oo.. gangster tai 9 sai?

    good riddance! 😀

  3. Zen

    Reading your complains give me an impression that the more popular the cybercafe is, the worse service they provide. MMM……the last time I visited Tbun 4 years ago, the service was excellent.

  4. poonky

    sometimes how to said la in such place your friend also got a bit wrong there, no offense towards him or you la okie. the cyber cafes use voilence is more wrong. but if look from another view la

    sometimes that things that doesn’t belongs to you, its better don’t touch, because it is others people properties. when broken all will be on your friend faults because he is touching it, even tough he is not the one that broken the thing.

    they selling internet services, they got technician to fix, even though they cant fix…you can always rebate which most cafes do. no one will likes customer to touch their hardware

    consider himself unlucky to be the one touch their stuff and innocently kena “ugut”

    dont angry k just my opino

  5. huei

    wth!! so rude! luckily ur fren stay calm..if not those idiots would’ve beaten him up..since they’re probablly drunk


  6. Liew Post author

    Ahkwong: This was out of my expected, but things do happen so just let it be….

    Eugene: Agree with ur words there. I swear I duwan go there again. They really just dunno how to handle the network problem and ask the customer to eat thier “die cat”. Worst cafe in Malaysia.

    Thinking of use gangster way to treat ppl, sucks beyond!!!

    Jason: Yoz, we have done that before..lolz. it just remind me those college day. But nowadays all work already……

  7. Liew Post author

    Zen: Thankz for visiting back again!!! We went there to play becoz thier game loading was fast and more pc there so we no need to wait. We were so unlucky that day….Just out of imagine.

    Ahbong: Thkz for droping by and your comments. This case must not happen in Malaysia. What a shame..Drunk some more.

  8. Liew Post author

    Pooky: True also. I believe that sometimes “hou xin mei hau bao”. My friend just so unlucky that day. Must be very wise thinking of every step out there and dun simply help.

    Huei: Actually as Ahkwong said so… he was beated but not that serious only. Boycot that cafe forever.

  9. Liew Post author

    Anston: Dunno what happen to your comment coz didn’t show at the moderation. Found ur comments from my email so I copy back to here.
    Sometimes things really depend on luck.

  10. Kareem

    this reminds me an incidence when i visited a cyber cafe in kepong called “xxx internet centre” its a 3 letter words cybercafe. That day i thought that their router is hanged so i confront with the technician. And he thank me and gladfully treat me for the 2 hours that i spent there. He then go and check on the router and restarted it and apologize to me for a couples of time. This is what i call service. The cyber cafe is big and crouded yet they can provide such service. I should give a big clap to him.

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