Visit the Zoo (part 2)

Hm….come back to the section 2 for Zoo. This time I am not going to separate another part already and I will post all the animal picture to this post coz too many pics pending already.

The Leapord: This was the most active animal so far I went for the zoo and it was quite playful like normal cat. Just cover with a fence only and I am so damn scare what happen if it jump out coz this pic I took in a very short distance.
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The Tiger: Swiming? I heard my fren Sogua said that the water inside got many piranha fish but I don’t think so.
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The animal that laugh? I dunno what to call this already…lolz
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The hungry hippo– Nothing to eat so just bite the steel or you can said that it is washing it teeth.
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Capybara– Cruch Crunch… none stop.
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Orang Utan– Sucking like human…..lolz. He seems like very concentrate on that bow.
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Mumbles/Penguin– Can dance or not?
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After visiting all the mamals, we went to visit the cold bloods animals and that time I think we are reach to 6.30pm already and the day start dark so we have to rush a bit or else difficult to get nice pic on night.

The little Croc
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Iguana : Oh my favourite pet…I am so miss my dissapear one.
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Forget what this snake called what already but can refer to this fella site…hahaha
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The special species of lizard
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The Aqua Section: the tropical fish, and this was the final section at zoo.
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The giant Piraruchu – The size if the fish equal the twice of me and it was so huge
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Tropical swarm and stream life
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Tropical fish: I dun post most of it coz normally all the fish here can get it from pasar or Aqua shop.
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pheewwww….. my post end up here. More post will coming up soon.

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9 thoughts on “Visit the Zoo (part 2)

  1. Matthew

    The laughing animal : Hyena (remember Lion King?)

    And errr…Cobra, not Copra, hehe.

    Anyway, I’ll be working for a month at Zoo Negara starting next week. If you’re bored do come over to visit me. 😛

  2. gianne

    Hyena! For a creature who always ‘laughs’, he sure looks glum….

    Got my ‘cousin’ there, the hippo xDxD. Haven’t been to the Zoo for 7 years… last time keep standing at d giraffe’s place, fed it leaves

  3. huei

    the Capybara is SOOOOOO adorable!!!

    his teeth were huge!!!! adorably adorable!!!!!!!!!!

    eh how come i didn’t see any leopard the last time i went? hmm…haiks next time must go see!! hehe

  4. fattien

    Matthew: Ooo…that was Hyena..lolz btw thankz for visiting my site ^_^. Working for zoo is better than working for human coz u scold the animal and the animal dun understand u one….lolz but it was coolah coz can get use to take care the animals.

    Gianne: ohh…yawor, ur counsin was there…lolz. thay day I never feed themlah coz scare he sundenlly gila use his head to langgar me…lolz.

    Aceone: eh…..u should golah coz I saw ur favourite fish and Aquarium there.

    Rabbit: Go supportlah btw u tak takut mereka makan kamu?

    Huei: I think most of them sleep insidelah so you can’t seek for them. The Capybara is very hugeloh and there like swiming as well.

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