Visit Putrajaya with my family

It been some I have not spend time with my family. We went to Putrajaya last 2 weeks ago since that my papa and mama never go there before. Too bad I forget to check my battery and it was low battery….Oh Gosh. so sorry by that time so I only can took very less picture.

By the way we were very happy together accept that the weather was extremely hot that day. I have been there before while that time was Malaysia International fireworks competition and model shooting.

Me, my papa and mama

The river

My sister, papa and mama

The Mosque

That was a canteen below the Mosque and I found the food there quite cheap. I order ABC (Air Batu Campur) due to the hot weather. It was damn hard to find ABC in mamak now……and it really cooling me.

Fruit rojaks
Fruit Rojak
My post end up here.

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    Huei: later my sister will have he own blog jor..

    Khengsiong: thankz for the reminding.

    Clive: hehehe

    Neo: yah…lolz 😀

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