Togather Gather Blogger Party 2007

Sorry for the late updates to this blog since that I am busying on the other site which will be coming soon.

I was there that in the evening by LRT and walking along Pudu Jail and TimeSqaure then walk through the other side by acrossing the bridge and pass by Imbi Plaza. Feeling excited at that moment coz I gonna to meet all the famous bloggers in Malaysia.

I reach there by 6.10 pm and waiting for Ahkwong at LowYat Plaza Entrance. Afterthat we enter Federal Hotel by 6.25pm and heading to 15th floor’s skyroom. We pass through the register counter to get our tickets and door gift. The door gift was really worth more than the RM35 for the entrance fees coz IT got cap, megazines, CD, pen…………and even got buffet. Then we were direct to sign our signature on the board.

All signatures from the bloggers

Outside view of the Skyroom

The atmosphere was great that night coz I really saw many famous bloggers….OMG. Felt A bit paiseh coz I am just a few months old blogger only but I still gonna to attend this party and besides I just worked very very near to Federal hotel compare to others blogger they still have to take long way to travel here from Penang, Melaka ……. Somehow have to thankz to Eeleenfor helping me to contact Wingz for ensuring out seats for the party as we register for quite late. This party was very sucessful and I have to congratulate wingz for all this.

Mr Wings and the Chairman of PIKOM

The Gathering Party

The Well Known Bloggers

It was hard to figure it out the features of bloggers behind of the blogsite coz I really don’t have that time to read through the whole blog of every ppl. So that day I ask other blogger to tell me that this was who….. that was who…..from which site? and then my expression was: ” Oh!!!! I finally knowlar”.

The bloggers I meet:

Jasonmumbles, the most well known blogger from Melaka.

Kenny Ng, One of the blogger that I know from mybloglog

(left)The 5xmom, Best Malaysian Mum Blogger.
(right)Bryan, from Penang issit?

Ahboon know as Sogua’s friend

Boss stewie, I know him because of the famous post from lengmou about the tahi/shits and also incharging

(left)Splashmilk know as mikel and (right)Janice with a few month old bebe.

Galiventer, know as daniel

(me, bryan repeated, right)Cely, a bit look like taiwan singer’s huang xin lin.

(left, splashmilk repeated, ahboon repeated) Ahkwong, as my best buddy.

Kelly, sweet gal from

The Community

The group pic taken from Shaolin Tiger

I miss out a lot of picture that day, If u want to know other bloggers image you can review to this link

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15 thoughts on “Togather Gather Blogger Party 2007

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  2. lilian

    Wuah…nice pic of me and Bryan. Hehehe, thanks for the pic hor and nice meeting you. Don’t shy shy lah, all of us oso dem shy but we act like dem cool oni. Hope we meet again.

  3. Gallivanter

    It was great to meet ya Arch-Lancer, too bad we were rushing off to watch a movie, else I would’ve stayed a bit longer to mingle. Cheers amigo! 🙂

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  5. cely

    so nice of u say i a bit look like taiwan singer’s huang xin lin. Good also.. look younger.. kakaka

    Wingz laugh me whole day becoz of that.. 🙁

  6. fattien thkz for the linking, well done dude.

    Wingz: Got ar!!!! but that image blur jor so I didn’t upload but next time I sure dun miss chance to take pic with u.

    Lilian: Oh sure we will meet again and talk talk….as many!!! thkz anyway ^_^V

    CKyeo: Thkz dude. Just depend on the camera onlylah and I dun have a stable hand without antishock .

    Lilian(5xmom): Thkz again for mentioning about me.

    Kenny NG: Sure can!!!! welcome 🙂

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