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Pc Fair 2007 December at convention center

I was reading Yatz blog yesterday and I found that I have almost forget to post up this Pcfair 2007 two weeks ago. I remember that day I went there by afternoon after shooting my colleague wedding ceremony. I went there for buying my laptop as my main purpose orelse I won’t go there coz too crowd of people. Sorry yar!! I have to postpone Penang post by tomorrow.

Nothing change compare to the previous one but was more crowd. While reaching there we meet up with Yatz and his friend Jason Lee.

This was another option for male photographer to come here for shooting this….. randoms image of pcfair show gals

Show gals of Olympus


Showgals of LG brand.

I forget which brand already…..aiks

Showgals of Toshiba.

A potrait shot for a baby gal while i was stucking inside the crowd.

Four of us: Eugene, ahkwong, Yatz and Jason Lee.

The laptop I bought that day as my gift of the year. Acer brand bought it together with Eugene parents. really happy can finally can own myself a 1st laptop.
My post end up here and more penang pics coming up.