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Gundam Showdown 2007 at Sungei Wang Plaza : Part 1

It has been few weeks I have been waiting this Gundam Showdown events at Sungei Wang Concourse. I have been there last year at the same place. I went there there last Tuesday with Anston and found the Constestants’ Gundam model were lesser compare to the previous year but I think it was because of the 1st day of the Gundam Showdawn so many of them have not arrive yet.

It start on 23th but the real competition will be held on 25th and 28th this month. For those who are really interest with this Gundam showdawn DUN MISS IT!!!
Gundam showdown 2007

The contestents will be seperate into different category. Contestants are to build their own Gundam model complete with gadgets and technical specification. The finalist for Junior and Open Category will be competing globally in the Universal Cup Championship which will be held in Hong Kong during Christmas 2007.

The air brush on this Gundam Zeta was so nice and realistic. Spot it with no plastic case yet I quikly snap it down. I rate it 9/10. If this was Perfect Grade, I will be given it 10/10.
Gundam Zeta

Another Mobile suit that stack with tiny green light bulb at the internal part. It was superb during night and I was imagine that I own one but very poor this month. I rate it 8/10
Mobile suit

New version of Gundam strike which came from the Gundam seed Anime series. This was totaly modify one with the creative tatto sticker on the body. I no idea where the contestant found the keyboard for this mobile. I rate it 7/10.
Gundam Strike

Sakura version of Zeta Gundam, It has been repainted with fully white and stick with sakura sticker. Very clean and nice so I rate it 7/10.
Gundam Zeta

I like this as it was dramatic. the small figure are very detail but my photos was not detail due to the light condition. I no idea what model is this…sorry folks. I rate it 6/10.
mobile suit

Crossbone Gundam – This series only occur in comics. The design was unique but I didn’t saw Crossfire Gundam there. I rate it 7/10
Crossbone Gundam

Zaku- The mobile suit from the bad site. It consists of many version and it appears in many gundam series. The colors and the backdrop behind was really relistic. Besides, the action of this gundam posing is very nice. I rate it 9/10!!!

I just until here and there will be more coming soon. stay tune!!!