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Xiu Xiu Seafood Restaurant at Desa Petaling

I came to this Xiu Xiu Seafood Restaurant at Desa Petaling with Ahkwong and Myin last Saturday. This Restaurant was famous with thier Clatpot Crab Rice. The location was near the old aircraft station of Kuala Lumpur and the Desa water park.

The waiter have remove the crab from the claypot while I try to snap. I have wasted the precious moment when the claypot cover remove. The smell was damn good!!! Once I have try on the rice just taste like normal chicken claypot rice but lucky the crab was fresh and juicy enough.

Close up shot on the crab.

We got order other dishes such as Char Siew and vegetables but that moment i was too hungry and miss some of the shots.

Here come my favourite Char Siew, but ahkwong complain that the Char Siew too sweet.
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The total of the price is around RM 80 something if not mistaken. OK!!! my post end up here.