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Meet and Greet TVB Celebrities Bernice Liu and Ron Ng at Berjaya Timesquare : 廖碧兒 & 吳卓羲 TVB

Last Saturday Afternoon I met Huei at Timesquare which the roadshow was located at the driveway. Oh well as we all came for this TVB Celebrities Bernice Liu and Ron Ng.

Astro Roadshow

This was Huei !!! We waiting for Ahkwong and Myin arrive. The show was start on 4pm so we still have to wait.


from Left to Right: Huei, Myin and Ahkwong

We walking around for almost an hour then we went back to the driveway of Berjaya Timesquare. The crowd were increasing!!

Astro on demand registration, for people who register register the on demand package will own a Autagraphy photos from Bernice Liu and Ron Ng. Besides, people who particapate this can have change to take photograph with the celebrities. I didn’t buy it but Huei did so she enter the special fans area to greet Bernice Liu and Ron Ng.

Vivian from MyFM was the host of the roadshow that day. She was kinda……

Waiting for half and hour for the show. The couple have came!!!

Ron Ng 吳卓羲 with close up shots.


Bernice Liu 廖碧兒 with close up shots.


A short video I record that day.

The celebrities play with the fans session. I know the different of singers and artist already. They really good in entertaining the fans.

The show end with more then half an hour and it was more then I expected. The fans really love them. Huei so happy can coz she got the Autography from Ron Ng and Bernice Liu. We all crazy taking photograph at the side.
group photos

My post stop until here and there will be more coming soon.