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Baby Chloe

I was ask by Hiew for doing this portrait shot located at Balakong. The portrait picture below is our model Baby Chloe. She is about 10 months old now if not mistaken but picture were taken while she was still eight months old.


Taking baby portrait was not that simple especially when it came to time when baby want to sleep. We start shooting by 9 pm due to working late and traffic jams. Baby Chloe was in bad mood and crying at the moment. As an advice taking baby picture parents must be accompany with her keep cheering up their baby.Toys and food are must to attract their attention and the same time you can keep taking photograph of the baby expression。

拍摄宝宝的时候, 家长必须陪同在身边一直逗宝宝笑。而且玩具和食物也可以借来吸住宝宝的注意力,同时也把宝宝的可爱表情拍下来。不过,宝宝都一直往我们的灯架爬过来是否对会闪闪发光的东西很有好奇心。 别看她八个月而已,速度还蛮快的。一个不留心,她便差点把我的闪光灯拉到了·






“我饿啦,咬饼干啦, 可以暂停吗?!”



Ramdoms During Chinese New Year

Yo!!! Just came back from holidays. I sense dust on my blog..lolz. Anyway Happy Chinese New Year to everybody since that still Chinese New Year. First of all, I have to thankz hung wei organize a buffet party for me. By the way, I have to thankz to Hiew, Eri, Lee Peng, Mich and Eugene for the Birthday gift. So bad that I didn’t bring my camera.

And another happy news to sharing for this post is that Ahkwong and Myin give birth to thier new born child during 29th morning Chinese New Year. Congratulate them in advance.