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Visit the Zoo Negara final

Continues from the previous Zoo Negara post. This was a very outdated post which from the last 2 weeks ago but anyhow today have come to the final session. I repeated the people who involve in this short trip which included me, nkwai, Nkwai’s sister, Hiew, Lee Peng, Lee Peng’s sister, Lee Peng’s Friend, Mich and Anston. It been almost half day in Zoo. We waited the animals perfomance show that start by 4 pm if not mistaken.


After finish took photo from the mamals we went ahead to the reptiles and aquarium session.

The Crocodile

This was my favourite Iguana but the mouth part get injured.

Giant Turtle

The fish that big as a crocodile – Piraruchu

The Crab inside the Aquarium

Before the show starts we took some photos first.

Then we saw Oran Utan, Parrots and sea lion came into stage and perfoming on thier skill. I saw this Orang Utan break the Coconut with only his both hand and mouth.

The parrot raise the flag and play with Basketball. The Seal playing the ball and jump over the circle.
Thats all of the zoo session. More pending post coming zoo!!! Stay tune.