Sunset view of Ampangan water dam

After some research for the Ciling falls during Kuala Khubu Baru we decided to head back to Kuala Lumpur. Along the way we saw signboards that direct us to Rawang and Batucaves. I have read through other side which state that the path to Batucaves will be faster reach back to Kuala Lumpur so we get a risk to try it on.

Along the way was so beautiful of nature and thanks god for the superb weather that day. The green environment really make me refreshing and we explore some recreation park at that Ulu Yam path and I think we will came back to explore next time.
Ampangan water dam

After half an hour of journey we discover another dam here which was the Ampangan water dam. It was about to sunset and the beautiful cloud reflect on the water surface have make the scenery so magnificent. We quickly park the car at the roadside and make some time shooting there.

The random pictures of Ampangan water dam, I have play with some white balance so the color scheme might look different.
Ampangan water dam

Ampangan water dam

Ampangan water dam

Ampangan water dam

Is time to said good bye to Ampangan water dam and my post end up here.
Ampangan water dam

11 thoughts on “Sunset view of Ampangan water dam

  1. Liew Post author

    hp84: hehe..thankz. Creation of God

    tulipspeak: thankz, I like 2nd most.

    Eri: can!!! no problem. Next time ajak u must come out ya!!!

    ahkwong: Bila nak pergi sana?

    Clive: We were lucky that day… less saw this of weather nowadays

  2. fattien

    photos was taken from the Ampangan water dam. I didn’t photo edit it and it come original. the setting is F 8 above, Iso 100 shutter 1/60 WB can be shade… try out all ur imagination.

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