Secondary school small gathering at Leisure Mall

Last Saturday we got an small gathering at Leisure Mall which was included me, Catherine, Ahkwong, AhMok, Myin and Lynn. We have our lunch at Mong Kok restaurant again..lolz but this time I am not going to show up any food coz fed up already. Before that I am going to post another 2 pics here which I always forget to post it up.

This picture took long time ago when I have a ride with Ahkwong moving to Myin office. I quite like to take pictures of the cloud as I felt freedom when I always look at the cloud.
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And I do like take zooming pic as well.
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Ok so come back to the gathering stuff. So here come two new people one which was Catherine and Ah Mok. Weeeee…. long time no see each others already.
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A picture of Myin with Catherine
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Group photo, for more detail go to this site.
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9 thoughts on “Secondary school small gathering at Leisure Mall

  1. gianne

    The clouds pic is gorgeous. I love looking at clouds too; especially when it looks like animals, food, people etc XD. Oh, there’s some really nice clouds in Cyberjaya/Putrajaya (don’t know why, haha)

  2. Kenny Ng

    Gathering with secondary school friends really wonderful hor? Too bad my secondary school friends 1 by 1 getting far apart, that’s really sad.

  3. fattien

    Rabbit: ohhh!!!! I tune a bit darker coz to bright jor..

    Anston: ?!!! look mole like what dude?

    Kenny NG and Anston: It was great to having all the secondary mates together but it was not that easy coz some like what u said getting fart, and even some were marry for not covenience, some working for $$$$ as thier prioty 1st and some even think that secondary mates not important at all. For me life was short and hope to everybody as much as possible…^_^

    Lynn: Yaloh, if u dun said so I also dun realise. I must be datukloh, then Ahkwong and ah mok is my son. Catherine and Myin Is my grand daughter.lolz

  4. Liew Post author

    Gianne: Thkz for dropping by and ur comments as well. Sorry for approve ur comments late. I got few friends stay in putra jaya and I found it quite a nice place for photographing too.

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